- Since 2008 -

Here are some things I make

Who I am

I’m Mark Jordan,  a graphic and motion designer with a broad variety of international industry experience.

Where I am

Based in Ireland, I work with clients at home and beyond.

What I do

I create motion graphics.

I create websites.

I produce print materials.

Design In Motion

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 

Design is knowing which ones to keep” 

Scott Adams

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"...from every corner walking, powerless, into an engulfing storm..."

Design is an opportunity

I design for print and digital, animal and vegetable

Graphic Design

Book, CD, magazine, album covers.
I love to design logos.
I have worked on brands such as British Airways, Thomas Cook, Constantin Film, BMW, XBox, Discovery Channel.

Motion Graphics

I create intros, interstitials, logo stings, animation and do compositing.

Web Design

Sites, shops, UX, WordPress, Silverstripe

"It took Mark three iterations and about 20 minutes to come up with the perfect company branding for my business, a design that was more explanatory and held more meaning in a seemingly simple way than 6 months of my own ideas and attempts at the same. His knowledge of visual grammar is impressive, he is easy to work with, he listens to your needs and knows how to achieve your goals. It's been a year since he produced my company's branding, I love it now more than ever. "
"SLAM Design helped me visually realise my artistic aim. Mark is full of creative ideas and working with him is effortless. He always meets deadlines and always puts a lot of effort into any of my projects. "